John 14:17: He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth. The world cannot receive him, because it isn’t looking for him and doesn’t recognize him. But you know him because he lives with you now and later will be in you    

While packing boxes for a recent move, my phone rang, and I had a brief conversation with a dear lady. I continued the packing during the conversation and was not aware that when I ended the call, I had dropped my phone in one of the boxes that I had packed. It was a few hours later that I realized that my phone was missing, and this was after about 5 boxes had been packed and sealed! I was not sure of which of the boxes I was packing when conversing; the woes of multitasking is a message for another day, lol . As I was wondering on what to do short of opening all the boxes, pour the contents and re-pack again, I suddenly remembered that my smartwatch was paired with my phone! I clicked on “find my phone” and I heard my phone ringing in one of the boxes. I was able to reach exactly where my phone was, and I brought it out!

The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying “This is what happens when you pair with me” and I would like to share with you what I know that the Holy Spirit means by that statement. John 14:17 and other scriptures in the Epistles tell us that the Holy Spirit has come to live inside of us, He used to come upon people in the Old Testament and would leave. That is the reason David prayed the prayer in Psalm 51, asking God not to take the Holy Spirit from him. The Holy Spirit can no longer be taken from us believers because He now lives inside of us (see 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19), we can only grieve Him, keep Him quiet by our actions and inactions but He cannot be taken from us!

Pairing with Holy Spirit means to connect with Him, be in union with Him. He happens to be the most important person of the Trinity in the lives of the believer because He is the One that is with us at this time – Father is on His throne in heaven, Jesus is in heaven beside Daddy advocating for us, but the Holy Spirit is the one here, helping us to walk and work here on earth until Jesus returns again.

You see, the only reason my smartwatch was able to find my phone was because I paired them, they were united. They could be paired because they are of the same brand, they are both Samsung. I would not have been able to pair an apple watch with my Samsung phone. We believers are able to be paired or connected with the Holy Spirit because we are of the same brand. The Lord Jesus said that unbelievers would not be able to have the Holy Spirit operating in their lives (John 14:17). Why? Because the unbeliver is not the same brand with the Holy Spirit. The unbeliver belongs to the devil, the Holy Spirit belongs to God.

We need to stay connected with the Holy Spirit because He is the CEO of the divine program on the earth as the motivator, energizer, and operator of every revealed plan of God, the revealer of the hidden treasures of the Kingdom (1 Cor. 2:9-10)

The Holy Spirit, when we connect with Him will help us to do these things:

1.  He will bring excellence to our lives. Daniel in Babylon was separated from everyone because of the excellent spirit that was with him and even the heathen people, while trying to understand him said “the spirit of the holy gods” was upon Daniel (Daniel 5:11). It was the Spirit of God that was upon him that set him apart to be able to behave excellently in the presence of the 4 kings that he ruled with in Babylon. The excellence that the Holy Spirit brings to us will enable us to know how to speak, He will give us wisdom on how to respond excellently in situations. In other words, He will give us correct sense appropriate for situations.  

2.  He will increase our fruitfulness. The Holy Spirit will give insight into the things of God, the Lord Jesus said that out of our belly shall flow rivers of living waters (John 7:37-38) meaning that there will be a ceaseless flow of uncommon ideas, insights and thoughts which will cause us to be fruitful.  

3.  He will empower us to cause changes. It was the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1:8 that caused the disciples to turn the world right side up again. The dynamic ability to cause changes in your family, in your body, at your work, in your finances, in your city, and everywhere is as a result of connectiong with the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is about power, when the anointing is present, no longer will you have nightmares or torment by any demon. No longer will your children be wayward and He will give you the will and the ability to carry out the will of God (Phil. 2:13)  

4.  He will guide and teach you. The reason many of us make mistake is because we have disconnected from the Holy Spirit, we no longer hear Him speak to us when we need direction. If my phone was not connected to my watch, no matter how many times I pressed “find my phone” or yell at the watch, it would not work, because there is no connection. If you find out that you are making mistakes, errors, always feeling lost, and not always making the right decisions, it is time to check your pairing. The things that happen in this world or earth have been spiritually orchestrated, either by the Holy Spirit or by the satanic spirits, the things of God can only be spiritually discerned or understood (1 Cor. 2:9-12) and we need the Holy Spirit to decode the things of God to us. One thing the Holy Spirit will do is to teach us how to navigate this earth and to know His plans and then we will no longer walk in confusion but live each day in the light of God. We will no longer live in the ignorance of what God wants for us (see Ezekiel. 39:29). The Holy Spirit brings an anointing to our lives that gives insight into the things of God (Acts 2:17-18). We can know the mind of God, He has taught me how to cook, spend money; take care of myself and the things that God has given unto me. He has taught me the right ways to pray and how to act. When you pair with Him, He leads you in the right direction.  

How do we pair with Him?

The number 1 way to stay connected with the Holy Spirit is to commune with Him. I have found out that the Holy Spirit loves to have our company. He loves to be acknowledged. I got this truth while reading the book “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn. He said in the book that He consciously began his day by acknowledging and worshipping the Holy Spirt and I have been putting this into practice. When I remember Him during the day, I speak to Him, I tell Him that I love Him, I speak in the heavenly language (Jude 20) to Him as I go about my day, either driving, cooking or doing dishes. This has helped me to develop communication with Him. When I want to read the Bible, I ask Him to explain the scriptures to me. What I have noticed is that He talks back to me, and I hear Him more as I stay in tune with Him.  Oh, how I love the Holy Spirit. He is so sweet! He will speak with you even in the shower, oh those shower conversations are the most refreshing, I am not sure if it is the sound of the water falling from the shower that produces the serene effect :)

Another way to stay connected with Him is to obey Him. I read a tragic story of a man of God In 1985, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “Your car is very old; exchange it and purchase a strong Mercedes Benz car”. Mercedes Benz cars were very expensive at the time. He thought within himself that instead of borrowing a huge amount to purchase a Benz, He could continue using his old car and spend that money for God’s ministry. He took the word as a suggestion; so, he never put it into action. On May 21, 1985, when he was traveling with his family in his old car, they met with an accident and the car was smashed into pieces! Alas! His 17-year-old daughter lost her life.   Jesus said in John 14:15 that if we love Him, we will obey Him. When we obey the Holy Spirit, we show Him that we love Him. Another thing is, we obey our GPS when we drive into places that we are not familiar with, the Holy Spirit is our GPS in this world, so it is important to obey Him when He directs us. I do know that sometimes, His directions make no human sense, but I have learned that He sees what I don’t see, because He is all knowing, so common sense calls that I follow His instructions.

Ephesians 4:30-31 instructs us not to grieve the Holy Spirit with bitterness, rage, uncontrolled anger, malice, fighting and making false statements about others. I found the Holy Spirit to be sensitive to our affection for Him as well as when we don’t act right towards Him. I want to challenge you today, pair with the Holy Spirit, acknowledge Him, ask Him questions, worship Him. Quickly apologize to Him if you find out that you have offended Him (He lets you know, if you are paying attention) and you will see how much power you carry on your inside!  


Pastor D.