Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector. He was rich, the bible says. That means he could afford to get anything that he wanted or needed, but those riches were not able to get him to see Jesus. Height was not on his side either, he was short and there was a crowd. Limitations.

Zacchaeus was so determined to see his Savior that he climbed onto a tree. One of the definitions of determination in the Miriam Webster dictionary is “firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end” His determination to see Jesus made him to climb a tree.

Why was he looking for Jesus?

Zacchaeus was rich, like I stated earlier, his riches could probably get him any material thing that he needed. The bible didn’t say he was sick, or that any of his family members was sick. What did he need?

It is worthy of note that Jesus typically asked anybody who came looking for him what they wanted Him to do for them, but He did not ask Zacchaeus. The bible said Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was (vs. 3). Jesus only said to him that He was coming to his house to stay, then I could deduce from there that Jesus knew what Zacchaeus needed: a visit with him. A visit from Jesus into a home will bring peace, joy, love which no riches can buy, that was what Zacchaeus needed! Zacchaeus knew that and that was why he was willing to give half of his riches, to get a visit from the Master of the universe.

Zacchaeus needed a visit from Jesus and he was determined to get it. He had a firm and fixed intention to get a visit from Jesus, he probably wasn’t thinking as far as a visit to his home, but a visit from the close presence of Jesus along the way to Jericho was good enough for him. Zacchaeus was unaware that Jesus will do more than you expect Him to do (Ephesians 3:20), but he was determined to see Jesus, his life depended on it.

Do you know that Zacchaeus could have made excuses for himself? He was of a short stature. He could have said: a rich man, climbing on a tree? What would people say? A rich man on the tree! He has gone cuckoo!

Those things did not matter to Zacchaeus because he wanted to see Jesus and that was the only thing on his mind.

Listen, when you are determined to pursue destiny, nothing can stop you and guess what, Jesus will accelerate your steps! Determination will make great oppositions llook little or like nothing, it will give you boldness to challenge the status quo, it will make a mile long journey look like an inch.

Determine to pursue Jesus, seek Him diligently and watch Him change your life for the better.

Do not allow your limitations to be barriers to your destiny. Jesus indeed visited with Zacchaeus, He will visit you, He will meet with you, He will touch your life and change your situation. You are destined to be great, to be successful and to set the pace for your generation. You have no room for excuses, your limitations are not to be barriers to your success. 

Be determined to climb a tree to get to your destiny, if neccessary, dont sell yourself short. You have the seed of greatness in you!  All you need is to be determined!

Determination is a destiny driver.



Pastor D