Keys to Divine Turnaround

Psalm 126:1-3

A turnaround is a development or change that results in a favorable and beneficial outcome. Divine turnaround is when God steps into a specific situation to reverse the circumstance abruptly, turning it into a positive experience that is beyond human and scientific explanation 

3 Examples of Divine Turnaround

I will like to remind you of three people who were in precarious situations and who God turned around their circumstances

1. Exodus 14:1-31-  The children, at the red sea, were about to perish or be captured, but God gave them a turnaround. The sea was used as a path to their destiny. It was sudden, it was like a dream.

I declare to you who desires a sudden intervention, receive a turnaround in Jesus name! 

2. 1 Samuel 1:6-7, 2:1 - Hannah was a woman of sorrow, her rival made her miserable, but when God stepped into her situation, a barren woman became the mother of six children! Divine turnaround brings overwhelming joy that is beyond description

3. Luke 5:1-10 – Peter and his friends were professional fishermen, they knew when to fish – morning time was not the best time to fish –the fishes could see them and run! the glare will not allow them to see the fish, so they knew better than Jesus in the natural when it came to fishing. Jesus was instructing them here to fish in the morning after they had toiled all NIGHT (the best time to fish). They obeyed (reluctantly and halfway as Jesus told Peter to cast his nets but he only cast a net). But they were astonished! They caught net-breaking, boat-sinking fishes that day! Divine turnaround defies science, it defies all laws  

May you experience net-breaking turnarounds this month in Jesus name.    

6 Keys to Divine Turnaround

1.  Total trust in God – Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27

Have faith that only God can turn your situation around. You must have a violent faith to provoke a turnaround in your life’s situation. Violent faith is aggressive, persistent, like a bulldog, it seizes with a grip and does not let go (see Mark 5:25-34, Mark 10:47-48 TLB). When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was coming, he yelled louder, despite the world telling him to be quiet  Faith will help you to decide that you are dissatisfied with your current situation and to move forward- (2 kings 7:3-7, 1 Samuel 1:9 )Gloria Copeland said: if you let go, it’s gone!

The man who trusts in God is not passively waiting – he moves, the man who trusts God does not listen to NO from the doctors, employers, economic situations Every situation is an opportunity to trust God. The widow and Bartimaeus were both tired of their situations, both applied nonstop, constant, continual, steady, relentless pressure on their covenant and on the devil. They did not let go! You must be desperate for a turnaround

I declare over you today, who is desperate for the touch of God, receive your turnaround in Jesus name!

2. Total and complete obedience to divine instructions - 2 Kings 5:14, Luke 5:5, John 2:5

To have a divine turnaround in a situation, you must obey the Lord at all cost, the Lord will always give specific instructions that will lead to your breakthrough. The instruction may not make sense, obey anyway. Avoid partial obedience, like king Saul in 1 Samuel 15:2-3, 7-11, 22 when God through the prophet Samuel instructed him to kill the enemy nation and he kept some. He lost his throne at that time.  

3.  Word based Prayer – 2 Chronicles 20:1-10, Isaiah 38:1-3

Prayer is agreeing with God on His covenant. Your prayer must be faith and word based, has God done it before? Will He do it again? Be specific in Your prayer and you will see that He is too faithful to fail  

4. Engage your tongue – Mark 11:23-24

You must speak only what the Lord has spoken! Desist from speaking the problem, speak the word of God. The devil can only obey the command of the word and name of Jesus and the Lord honors His words – Psalm 138:2, 2 Cor. 1:20. Find scriptures that speak to your issue and speak them. Put the word in your heart and it will come out of your mouth in the time of need. Declare the word with authority; Ecclesiastes 8:4 says that the word of a king is powerful and Revelation 1:6 calls you a king. You have authority! Use it!  

5. Stay away from habitual sin – 1 Cor. 10:5-13 (MSG) Isaiah 59:1-3

Sin is a barrier to reaching God – Hosea 7:1. Joseph witnessed turnaround because he refused to sin against God- Genesis 39:9. Confess and turn away from sin immediately  

6. Have a lifestyle of praise - 2 Chronicles 20:18-22

David enjoyed several turnarounds in his life, he was a man of praise. Praise is an altar for divine turn around, praise brings God into devastating situations – Psalm 22:3. Let your praise be high during fierce opposition, it shows you trust God to help you.

I am waiting for your testimony!

Pastor D