I like the attitude of the 4 lepers in 2 Kings 7. Reading from verse 3, after Prophet Elisha had prophesied that there would be abundance in the land. This is about the lepers who were not allowed to enter the city, lepers are usually bound to the city gate so they would not infect the others. There was famine in Samaria and the enemy had encamped on the other side, so these guys were really in a tough and desperate situation. However, these lepers made some moves that were worthy of pondering over: 1. They asked the right questions...vs 3. They looked at each other and said, "what are we doing here? Why stay here till we die? You see, this is a question that we constantly need to ask ourselves when we are in desperate situations. We need to settle it with ourselves and with God, what His and our purpose is in the situation we are in. It also reminds me of the story of the prodigal son. 2. They Rose from where they sat....vs 5. Remember that lepers are not supposed to enter the place where people are. But these ones made up their minds that they would not die where they were. They rose from there. If where you are is not where you ought to be, then make a move. Endeavor to challenge the status quo. The stays quo in the time of this lepers is not to be allowed to enter the city, but they decided that if it would kill them, they would challenge this by making a move. 3. They made the march of faith....vs 8. They fanned the spark of faith that had been ignited in them and marched to the camp of the Arameans only to discover that the Lord had allowed those ones to wander away from the camp. I always wonder what kind of foolish warriors would bring gold and silver to war. But the Word says that the treasures of the wicked are laid away for the righteous (I digress). It takes the winning attitude and courage to do what those lepers. They had enough to share with their country men.