I know that most Christians know how to pray but we are lacking in the area of praise. When we pray, the Lord will send help to us, be it angelic (as in the case of Daniel), or human to assist us. However, when we praise, we invoke the presence of the Almighty into our situations. The Bible says that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people: Psalm 22:3. To inhabit means to dwell. So if the Lord dwells in your praise, what mountain can stand against you? It is also ok to say that the most effective weapon of warfare is praise! Praise will always confuse the enemy. He would say:" I am challenging her, why is she singing praises? This one is already crazy, I dont think I need to touch her anymore. Let me find somebody else to torment"

I am reminded of the story found in 2 Chronicles 20:14-26. King Jehoshaphat and his people were to be invaded by 3 other countries with vast armies. The king was naturally afraid, but to cut the story short, after he asked the Lord about the situation and the Lord had told him that all would be well, he appointed singers and they started to dance and sing praises to the Lord- vs 21. The praises brought down the presence of God so much that there was confusion in the camp of the enemy! They began to fight each other, after one group killed the other, they turned and helped destroy one another. Now that would be God showing up!

I always like to read verses 24-25. when Jehoshaphat and his countrymen got to the place, they saw dead bodies and plunder. Not ordinary plunder. When you are going to war, I would assume that you would take bows, arrows, guns; AK 47s, matchette, but these ones brought valuable items, precious JEWELERY (not costume jewelery, lol). So much that it took the Israelites three days to gather the spoil.  

Bishop Oyedepo says that praise is superior to prayer. Angels attend to prayer, God personally attends to praise...Psalm 68:1-2. Acts 16:25 talks about Paul and Silas in jail and singing songs of praise to the Lord (they were not quiet about it too, because the bible says the other prisoners heard them). God showed up with a violent earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken.

When God shows up in your life this month, the foundations of your problems will shake and will be taken down in the name of Jesus.

I say that your prison doors will be opened and the chain that the enemy has used to hold you down will come loose in Jesus name.

I declare that your children will be saved, your marriage will be saved, your business will be saved, all barriers and limitations will be lifted in the Name of Jesus. All you need to do is to praise Him.



Pastor D