"My son, do not forget My teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity." Proverbs 3:1-2 (NIV)
The New King James Version says that length of days and long life will be added to you if you keep His commands
I can say categorically that it is only the teaching that we have heard that we may not forget. If we have not heard it, then it is pointless to ask us not to forget it or to obey it. So since the Almighty God wants us to keep His teaching, how do we get it into our hearts? How do we hear from God?
I will briefly suggest to us 5 ways to hear the voice of The Lord 
1. Read the Word of God daily. As much as possible, read the word until you get a spark or an inspiration then chew on that for the whole day. That is a word for you. Speak it to yourself all day.
2. Listen to CD, DVD or TV messages that are faith based and get inspired from them
3. Listen to praise and worship music and wait to hear God speak to you during worship.
4. Attend word of faith based, prophetic church services where you will hear God speaking directly to you
5.  Find time to still and hear God speak to your spirit. This takes practice and focus. It could take you several days of practice before you can hear or know the voice of God this way. Make it a point to stay there until you hear the voice of The Lord. A gauge of this is the peace that comes with a word from God. He says He will guide our hearts with His peace.
Hearing from God is a matter of life and death in many situations. Do not be afraid to get into His presence. Even if you have missed it, repent and g back to His presence. The blood of Jesus has atoned for your past, present and future sins. Spend time in the presence of a loving Father who wants to guide, lead and direct His children.
Finally, when you have heard from Him, immediately obey the instruction. It may not be long instruction, it may not make too much or any sense for that matter, obey it anyway. The instruction that we hear makes no impact until it is obeyed.
Pastor D.