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I want to tell you today that in your life, the supernatural would no longer be an option, it will be a requirement. You were born for greatness, the seed of greatness is in you, there is a treasure in you that will come out and bless your world in Jesus name

In the Old Testament, people look forward to the promise, as new testament and after the cross people, we look back to the cross where all those promises have been fulfilled and accomplished. Jesus fulfilled all that is needed by His death and resurrection! We have already been blessed with all spiritual blessing.

Have you ever wondered about what you are useful for in this world? If you have, it is because of the fact that you are not aware of what you carry!

Have people told you that you are good for nothing?

Don’t look down on yourself. People may  look at you small, but don’t agree with them. The seed of grueatness is inside you. The devil does not want you to know what you carry. He will put so much pressure on you so that you will question your worth. If you don’t know that you carry the treasure for your greatness, you wont know to use it. Everything that God has given to us must be fought for to have in our hands and you need to understand that the devil will fight you for this treasure

The treasure alerts the enemy

1 Corinthians 16: 9, Paul said a great door has been opened for him to work, but many oppose him. 

Now, understand that the devil is not interested in your money, your good looks or your height, he is interested in the treasure that is in you, he is interested in the seed of greatness that is in you

I want you to know that the devil is a bastard and he uses the same method every time. We are not to be ignorant of his devices. He never wastes his time on a non-entity, it is a foolish thief that will want to rob an empty warehouse.  

Herod was not looking to kill just anybody, he recognized the great Jesus, Pharaoh didn’t want to kill any boy, he wanted to kill the seed of greatness in Moses, He has limited resources, so he does not waste his resources on nonentities.

I want to assure you that you can rest and enter into that open door of multiple enlargements and abundance because the seed of greatness is in you!

You are not what you do, you may be a house girl doing cleaning today, but you are not a servant.or a cleaner.  Jesus never identified Himself as Jesus of Nazareth, he says he is from above- John 8:14, 23. You are a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden, above and not beneath.

Now the question is, what is the seed of greatness, what is this treasure, how am I connected to it?

It came from our Father – the great God

Your Father is a great God

1. Job 36:26 He is greater and older. He is the Ancient of days
2. Psalm 95:3 He is greater than other gods
3. Psalm 76: 1 His name is great
4. Deut. 10:17 - He is a great God and He takes no bribe
5. Mark 12:27 - He is the God of the living
6. Deut. 10:21, 3:24 - He does great and mighty things

How do we know He is our Father?

Galatians 4:1-7

Because our Father is great, we are also great

The seed of greatness was imputed into us when we were born again by Jesus’ blood – Ephesians 2:19, Galatians 3:13-14, 2 Cor. 4:7

The Lord, Himself has come to live in you- Ephesians 2: 22.

So we are greater. Say to yourself “I am great!

Our forefathers were great: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon. They were described in the scriptures as great.

We are the seed of Abraham - Galatians 3:29

But we are greater because WE have the great God living in us.

Every part of a king is royalty – even his poop is a royal poop

The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow

4 things that you need to bring the treasure out


a mental picture of a better future inspired by the scripture
Abrahamic covenant is about vision.

As far as your eyes can see. Gen. 15

What do you see?

God does not determine how far you can go, you do, the first manifestation of the Holy Ghost is vision- Joel 2. The reason a lot of Christians don’t have vision is poor self-image.

In my church we declare every day that we are raising millionaires, we have imputed that image in ourselves. You are not designed to go where you cannot see, you must carry the right image. You are a chosen generation, you are a star - Num.24:17, a joint heir with Christ. You are light, you cannot be extinguished. Locally resident, globally impactful. Your destiny is not tied to your residence and cannot be hidden, gentiles will come to your light. It does not matter your color, or accent, when you carry the torch, the people follow you for direction.

The children of Israel did not enjoy the Promised Land, not because of their enemies, but because of their grasshopper mentality. They were not aware of the seed of greatness that had been imputed in them. Only 2 of them recognised this: Caleb and Joshua. In Proverbs 29:18, the bible says where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint… where there is no divine guidance, the people run wild (NLT). That’s why the children of Israel could make a golden image soon after Moses left them. They had no vision. everything with the Israelites was based on what they could see. Vision is seeing with the eyes of faith. We cannot judge things accurately with the natural eyes, because they are subject to change.

See yourself differently from now on   Read 1 Samuel 17

Your future is not determined by your current situation. In Luke 4: 18, Jesus came to restore vision to us, keep your eyes on where you are going (vision) and not where you have been. No one is able to drive a car successfully if his eyes are on the rear-view mirror. Take responsibility for your vision, even an ant has vision and takes responsibility (Proverbs 6:6-11) Eccl. 11:4 – He who observes the wind will not sow. Acts 24:25 – Governor Felix waited for a convenient time to accept Christ, but it never came! Refuse anything less, don’t allow the devil to tell you otherwise. Get in the Word of God, let the Lord speak to you about your future, not anybody else. Be careful of your association and who you listen to. He that walks with wise will be wise. Psalm 1:1


Follow your passion. We don’t need encouragement because we are passionate.

Do not follow the tradition of men. Isaac would have missed it if he followed his father Abraham’s footsteps to Egypt during the famine. (Gen. 26)


Have faith in the Word of God and obey His word only(Hebrews 11:1). Every vision is at the mercy of the faith behind it.

Faith is speaking, faith is not quiet, the faith that speaks is the accomplishing faith

Whatever God will place in your hands must first be declared with your mouth – remember Jairus’ daughter. Don’t be afraid to take God public. Faith is not a formula but simply believing God, speak words of faith and expect result. Feed your spirit on God’s word so that words of victory will proceed out of your mouth- Matthew 12:35, the Word of God is the treasure that you put in you. To be silent as a Christian is to be vulnerable. We believe and speak, whatever you can’t say, you can’t have. Biblical faith is of the heart, but the power of faith is speaking!declare who you are to the devil. The foreigner must hear your voice! begin to confess your greatness.


Psalm 66:2, 1 Cor 20, 1 Tess. 1:5

Power is needed to bring out the seed of greatness and use the treasure in you. The same power that Jesus exhibited on earth is available to all Christians today to bring the treasure out. Power is required for progressive achievement. Power is required to preserve present success, (not every tongue is from God. You need power to combat the enemy for your inheritance). Power is required for victory over opposition. You need to displace forces against you. Fast and pray to keep the power going.

We call our monthly early prayer time power hour. Pray for God to show you…Jeremiah 33:3 (great and might things…..inaccessible things. Habakkuk 2:1 (see)


What do you with the treasure?

Cultivate it, grow it, protect it (avoid sin) – 1 John 3:9
Water and nurture it so it can grow: Use the Word of God
Honor and serve God with it – Make yourself an offering and an incense to God.
Things that are important to God must be important to you, otherwise you will minimize the God factor in your life
Ask God to give you avenues to be used in His kingdom
Look around you, be profitable to God Philemon 10-11 (Onesimus)
Determine to be an asset in the kingdom of God – 2 Tim. 2:21
Consistently remain on assignment for God
Stop being a bench warmer-coming to see pastor’s outfit
Stop sitting and complaining
Stop making excuses – Judges 6:13
Get skills for the work of the kingdom – 1 Samuel 13:19- the children of Israel had no skills
If an axe is dull, much strength is needed. Wisdom is profitable for direction – Eccl. 10:10
You cannot be useful in the kingdom of God and be wasted, you are a champion
If you are expensive in the sight of God, you cannot be expended out of life: Numbers 16:1-9
May your treasure bring you before great people in Jesus name. May you be a treasure distribution center in Jesus name. 
Pastor D